Examples Of ‘Much Less’ In A Sentence

If you are a native speaker your greatest bet is to be guided by your ear, selecting the word that sounds more natural in a particular context. If you are not a local speaker, the easy rule is an effective place to start, but be positive to think about the exceptions to it as well. Weights are also nouns that are measured in a countable way, but are customarily used with less quite than fewer. Shayna Oliveira is the founder of Espresso English, where you’ll find a way to enhance your English quick – even if you don’t have much time to study. Millions of scholars are learning English from her clear, friendly, and sensible lessons! Shayna is a CELTA-certified trainer with 10+ years of expertise serving to English learners turn out to be more fluent in her English courses.

Most usually, you will not should be Sherlock Holmes to deduce whether or not a noun is countable or uncountable, thus the choice between much less and fewer might be a simple one. Rogers George has been a technical author for greater than 20 years. He has written on topics as diverse as outhouse assembly, restaurant evaluations, software program, data security, and scientific gear. He has his personal writing consultancy and is always joyful to discuss writing and grammar. A definitive rule masking all potentialities is perhaps impossible.

What is an example of LESS

Molly has been ingesting less water than she ought to on this dry day. In English, we use the same word, extra, for a greater quantity and a greater amount/quantity. A flaw is a defect, so something that is flawless is ideal, it has no defects, nothing wrong with it.

It in the end comes from the Old English adverb lǣs and adjective lǣssa. It is related to the Old Frisian adverb lês and adjective lêssa. The pulps brought new readers to severe fiction, making it less intimidating with alluring artwork and low prices.

English Example Sentences With “Much Less”

Less is a comparative form of the word little, with the word least being the superlative. If one thing is described as much less, it is “more little” than something else. Specifically, less https://www.globalcloudteam.com/tech/less/ by itself often means a smaller quantity or quantity somewhat than physical measurement.

What is an example of LESS

For example, listed under are two sentences with virtually the same which means, but one requires fewer whereas the other requires less. Generally, fewer is used when the variety of issues is counted (“fewer issues”) whereas much less is used when the number is measured (“much less hassle” or “less time”). Little, and its comparative and superlative form—less and least—are the perfect examples.


The suffix –less means “without.” It is also used often to indicate a failure or inability to perform. It is often used in quite lots of everyday and technical phrases. This rule is simple enough and looks easy sufficient to comply with, nevertheless it’s not accurate for all utilization. The fact is that much less can additionally be sometimes used to discuss with quantity amongst issues which are counted.

Just copy and paste your writing to examine your grammar and get instant suggestions on grammar, spelling, punctuation, and different errors you might have missed. In the primary sentence, fewer is used with the countable compound noun gallons of gasoline. In the second, much less is used with the uncountable noun gasoline. Less refers to a relatively smaller quantity, amount, or diploma and can be utilized in this sense as an adverb, adjective, or noun. Less has a number of different senses as an adverb, adjective, noun, and a preposition.

This weblog submit will clarify what these words mean and when to use less or least. To understand when to make use of less or least, you should first know what comparatives and superlatives are. Comparatives and superlatives are used for comparisons of adjectives, and they assist show comparisons between two or extra nouns. You don’t should guess whether or not you’re utilizing sure words appropriately or breaking grammar guidelines in your writing.

In these examples, figuring out the countability of the nouns concerned was simple. People, grammatical errors, and petals are all countable nouns. As tough as it will be to rely all of the people who use plastic water bottles, it might be potential to enumerate them as a result of they’re itemizable people https://www.globalcloudteam.com/. Plastic, water, and area, on the other hand, are uncountable; we solely describe them in quantities. To make them countable, we’d be obliged to compartmentalize them ultimately (e.g., pieces of plastic or glasses of water). Nouns that can be further outlined and measured on this way make the distinction trickier.

What is an example of LESS

Discover 5 critical methods for good writing, no cost. Drop me a line at -rag.com asking for the article, and I’ll ship it to you. “Less” is the irregular comparative and “least” is the corresponding superlative. We’ll explain what makes them irregular and how to use these words accurately. As decided because the speaker in this sentence could be, it might not be attainable for her or him to enumerate the uneaten percentage of potatoes. Although counting the world’s folks would be an unenviable task, it is potential to count individual individuals.

Confusables Observe

Perhaps as a outcome of they each characterize the alternative of the comparative adjective extra. Luckily, the conundrum of less vs. fewer has an answer that’s simple to recollect. It includes deducing whether fewer or much less might be working with a countable or uncountable noun in your intended sentence. Its comparative kind is larger, and its superlative is highest. Because high is an everyday adjective, forming the comparative (+ “–er”) and the superlative (+ “–est”) is straightforward. However, some words are irregular, which means the comparative and superlative don’t follow the standard sample.

Somewhere alongside the way—it’s not clear how—his choice was generalized and elevated to an absolute, inviolable rule. While the supermarket cashier understood that the phrase “12 Items or Less” violated a obtained rule of grammar, she wished fewer individuals would complain to her about it. Impress with clear, precise, and stylistically flawless writing as an alternative. It can be customary to use less with regard to time, although we are ready to depend time in seconds, minutes, hours, and so on. Although we will rely money, it’s usual for us to suppose about cash as a bulk quantity somewhat than an aggregate of foreign money units. However, much less can evaluate summary, uncountable qualities, whereas fewer can’t.

What is an example of LESS

We’ve made a mistake, forgotten about an necessary detail, or haven’t managed to get the purpose across? Less and least are used for singular nouns, whereas fewer and fewest are used for plural nouns. It would not be wrong to say, “Rebecca has fewer than twenty dollars left,” but it would seem awkward and unexpected to your reader. David makes fewer grammatical mistakes than the average particular person.

Word History And Origins

And if you wish to expand your vocabulary by learning more than 1000 helpful English words, check out my Vocabulary Builder Courses. They’ll help you be taught and apply tons of words so that you can categorical your self extra fluently. Today I’ll educate 10 English words that end in -less, with example sentences so you’ll have the ability to see how they’re used. To apply these words, ensure to obtain the PDF information to this lesson, as a result of it has a quiz to see if you can use every word within the appropriate sentence.

There are a number of actions that would trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed information. This isn’t an example of how modern English is going to the canines. Less has been used this fashion for well over a thousand years—nearly so lengthy as there’s been a written English language. But for greater than 200 years virtually each utilization writer and English instructor has declared such use to be incorrect. The received rule appears to have originated with the critic Robert Baker, who expressed it not as a regulation but as a matter of private desire.

What is an example of LESS

This dictionary incorporates not less than fifty thousand words. And so, data from the past, combined up with assumptions about that information, which can be more or less acceptable, is used to enhance info provided by the senses. Fires are much less scary today than they as soon as were, as a result of increasingly more homes are built of concrete, and concrete houses do not burn as easily because the old wooden ones. Each celebration shall include not less than fifteen folks. Some individuals look down on others as a result of they have less money.

Suffix Forming Adjectives

Therefore, eight p.c of the world’s people is countable and we use the word fewer. Less is an extremely widespread word that is most frequently used to describe something having a smaller or decrease degree, amount, or quantity. This web site is using a security service to protect itself from online assaults. The motion you just carried out triggered the safety answer.

For example, one dog can be mentioned to be less playful than one other, nevertheless it can’t be stated to be “fewer playful” than another. For probably the most part, you can use the words much less and fewer as synonyms when comparing quantities of issues. The extra you read the guide, the much less you’ll perceive it. I don’t get sufficient visitors to justify utilizing an auto-responder, so you’ll get the article instantly from me.